I hope this isn't too sentimental. It was very cathartic to create this LO about my son, Reggie, who died of a drug overdose. The journaling states:

Happy he who learns to bear what he cannot change.
-- Friedrich Schiller

My beautiful golden-haired boy with a heart as big as the world, you brought me more joy than I can describe. Your blue eyes as large as the moon made my heart dance. Your shy, sweet smile lit up my soul. Your enourmous hugs, squeezing so tightly, made me feel loved. Your gentle spirit glowed softly and warmed me with its touch.

Your boyish love for puppies, tools, skating, karate, fishing, and flying kept me young as I attempted to keep up with you.

Your protective care of me and your younger brother made me feel safe.

You fought valiantly to overcome your drug addiction. And while at times I felt as though life could not be any more difficult, you taught me to fight. You taught me to be patient. You taught me to pray. You taught me to hold on when my grip was weakening. You taught me that when I thought my world had come to an end, the sun would still shine, the birds still sing, the flowers still bloom, and the stars still light up the sky each night as your eyes once lit up my soul.

I wouldn't change one moment of one day that you spent with me.

Kit is Boy's Retreat by Catherine Designs.