Kit: My Inspiration Flavor of the Month at Digiscraps Drive-in.

Quote: To endure is the first thing a child ought to learn, and that which he will have most need to know.

Journaling: Emma had to have a 24 hour
EEG that was video taped. I
was 7 months pregnant with
Matt and slept on the window
seat while grandma slept in
the reclining chair that wouldn't
stay reclined. Emma was so
brave having all of the wires
stuck to her head for so long.
The test showed no seizure
activity, but it still wasn't easy
for me to see Emma go through
all of the same tests I had to
do as a kid. I never wanted my
babies to experience all
of the EEG's, MRI's and
doctor visits. ~ 11/9/07
Emma 4 years old.