Every year the newspaper in my sister's hometown has a digital Easter Egg Hunt for 10 days prior to the holiday. My sister and I have not only collaborated to come up with the answers to the riddles, we've also photographed each place to create scrapbook pages. It's a LOT of fun.


Riddle 7
Over the flowing streams of Spring ,
A scarlet span does safely bring 
Cougars who are devotees
Of self-improvement by degrees.
You'll find the egg if you, too, dart
Across this useful piece of art.
ANSWER:  Passage, the bright-red pedestrian bridge that spans Spring Street at Columbus State Community College (team nickname: Cougars), was designed by sculptor L. Brower Hatcher as a functional artwork.


 Credits:  egg shape: "Baked with Love", Connie Prince,  "Fall Breezes", Pixilily Designs, Ginger Scraps