Credits: Kits used
Labelle bleu: By Kreen
Beach Hut: Stacy Scraps
Water Wonderland: Inspired by Dominic

Journaling reads:
While I was visiting Mom and Sister this past summer in Michigan We decided to go on a road trip to Big Sable Lighthouse. We parked the Van and started our journey in hopes to arrive there soon. We stoped and glanced at a map. It's this Way!! So we begin to follow the trail threw the forest. We should be hitting the road soon. Well we never found that road. So after, 4hrs and 10 miles carrying a 2yr old and dragging a stroller threw the sady hills. We finally made it to the lighthouse. We were all exhausted, hungry, and very thirsty. Sis and I looked at mom and asked "are you ok" Mom I'm a Survivor!

I blended the map of our trail in the background paper as to were we were. What a day that was!!