this is a photo of my cousin's husband - he's home now thank God, but this photo of him just always touched my heart. What a way to spend Christmas. The quote on on the page says "The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone - it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave... "

And just for the record, my first camo paper is behind the smaller photo and the second one is clipped to the "hero" word art. And my word camo is in the title on the little circle tag.

solid papers & "hero" word art - from War Hero Freebie by Twinky
camo paper clipped over word art - camo papers by
camo paper behind photo - camo backgrounds by dragon artz
circle tag - from Who's in Charge by Denise Beatty Originals
stitches - from Turkeys and Stuffing by WM[squared] Designs
dog tags - Dog Tag Dates by Denise Beatty Originals
fonts - [quote] Pea Susela; [title] sf
photo action - Silly Nilly by My Four Hens