journaling reads:
When I first became your mother I donít think I could have imagined the amount of heart-ache and pain we would have to endure. It started with your birth, and the trauma you suffered from my long labor. While we worried about the big bruise on your head, your doctor said not to. She said it was fine; you were doing great. I look back now at the photos of you and it makes me sad how big your head got. When we finally saw the neurosurgeon, your head was off the charts at 47 cm - the average size of a two year old. We were shocked. Dr. Moss had you set up for surgery the next day. Just a few days before you turned 4 months old, you would be having brain surgery.
See, the traum you suffered at birth was causing fluid to build up on the right side of your head which was pushing your brain over to the left side. A shunt was placed into your brain to make that fluid drain to your body cavity and releave all of the pressure that was building up in your head. It was so scary to know that, while there were risks, there were also no other options. All we could do was pray. So we left you in Godís hands and in the hands of the best neurosurgeon in Phoenix. When Dr. Moss came back after surgery, he told us everything went well. The shunt was in and the small amount of blood told him that, indeed the fluid had collected as a result of the trauma suffered at birth. Today, at one year of age, your head is still 46.5 cm; right where Dr. Moss said it would stay until your body caught up with it. You donít even know the shunt is there and hearing you giggle now shows me what a child can conquer if faced with a challenge.

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