Every year the newspaper in my sister's hometown has a digital Easter Egg Hunt for 10 days prior to the holiday. My sister and I have not only collaborated to come up with the answers to the riddles, we've also photographed each place to create scrapbook pages. It's a LOT of fun.

Journaling:  RIDDLE 9

A chapel built upon a hill
In 1838 is still
Standing amid newer walls.
You lie there when the reaper calls.
It was once a railroad station
And this morning’s egg location.
ANSWER: Southwick-Good and Fortkamp Funeral Chapel at 3100 N. High St., a former underground railroad station.

 Credits:  Template: Template Inspiration 061214, Katie Pertiet, DD; egg: "Baked with Love", Connie Prince; bg and patterned papers: "Color Pop 2", Created by Jill Scraps; silver paper; frame (layer style applied), butterfly: "Quiet Moments", Blue Heart Scraps & Created by Jill Scraps - all from Ginger Scraps.