Scrapping Safari Collab by Ginger Scraps Designers.
Pin, Stitches and Staple by Gunhild Storeide.
Date Stripes by Digi-Designs by Nicole.

Usualy my day starts at 6:30am sending hubby to work.
I make breakfast, check emails, and look for what to do for lunch.
My DD wakes up around 9am. I give her breakfast, then help her to change, brush her teeth...
At 10am we start some fun activity, most of the time something fun outside with the dog.
When the clock reaches 11am I fix something for us to eat.
Something that not many people know, my DD is vegetarian, so her meals must be very well balanced, which gives me a bit more work at food time. But I donít mind cause I know this is the BEST for her.
After lunch I let her watchsome Dora DVDs, and I make my house look decent.
And I check on my photography and scrapping forums.
aka Scrapping Time
How do I love when my DD takes her naps... now that she is two her naps are shorter and some days she just doesnít want o go to her bed, on those days we have fun drawing with crayons, go outside and play with chalks or she helps me to bake some goodies, and sometimes we do all that in the same day!
Hubby gets home around 4pm itís Daddy & Daughter time! I really love D&D time as much as I love napping time! Because they turn into Scrapping Time for Mommy!
Itís 5pm and we need to eat again. So, I create a rule at my house, we donít eat dinner during the week, because itís not healthy to eat heavy food at night and itís easier for me to fix a snack, I donít know exactly which excuse come first, but itís a RULE!
We play with DD, give her a bath, read some Bible Stories and put her to sleep.We had a little time for ourselves and a little TV. tís time for bed, if you look at my side and Iím not there, go downstairs, youíll find me checking if Iím moving to the next week in Scrapping Survivor @ Ginger Scraps.
This is pretty much how my days rolls, some days are different I have to squeeze a trip to the supermarket, doctorís appointment, play dates, pick up a movie, special lunches, picnics at the park, some photo shoots, and church every week.
I could be working on my career as a teacher or working to help my hubby support our family. But we chose what we think is the best for us.
I know, my lifeís jungle but I wouldnít change a thing!