Journal reads:This tournament has been a dream of Josh's since he started playing baseball. It really has become a consuming part of his life in the past year and a half. Training hard, long practices, early mornings at the gym, strength training, all with one goal in mind. He wanted to hit a home run over the fence in Cooperstown. This was the day, with one perfect swing all of his dreams came true. As a Mom, I was so excited, I saw that ball sail out of the ballpark and couldn't get my camera out fast enough to even catch his trot around the bases. Thanks to the professionals taking photos at the game, I have this wonderful shot of that awesome swing. I did manage to get my camera out to catch Kayla's reaction. A wave of emotion. She knew and understood how hard he worked and what this meant to him. All she said was how proud she was of him.

Fresh Start by Simple Girl Scraps