Every year the local newspaper has a digital Easter Egg Hunt for 10 days prior to the holiday. My sister and I have not only collaborated to come up with the answers to the riddles, we've also photographed each place to create scrapbook pages. It's a LOT of fun and, in this case, YUMMY, too! This was riddle #8 from 2007.


Joe's Easter Egg Hunt Riddle #8

Home of red-hot island matrons,

Lively squeezing charms the patrons.

In this former horse hotel, 

They'll fill for you an airy shell.

Find the egg within the walls

Of this sweet-and-sour hall.

ANSWER: Schmidt's Sausage Haus in German Village


CREDITS: TEMPLATE: Two Hearts by Anita's Designs (DS); KITS: Grunge Elements by Craftastrophic and I Love School and Legacy of Love by Connie Prince and (GS); FONT: Comic Sans and Cooper Std Blk