Kit Hip Hippo Hooray by SandyPie Creations

I clipped a paper to arrow element for arrows shown and to frame my photo, I used a stroke effect on my phto.

'Curlings' font used for Journaling:

"Memories of Mom - born in April of 1925.  If she were still living, she would be 90 years of age this year (2015).

I originally thought that I'd make this layout about her and I and one of my favorite memories of her, when she brought me to see the movie, The Sound of Music; I was 8 years old & this was my first ever movie viewed within a movie theater.  It so happens that this year is the 50th anniversary of the  of the movie's release (in 1965) so, in honor of Mom, I watched the movie again, on DVD, on the anniversary of her birth.  Singing along and missing her greatly (she loved to sing and often did).

However, because I could only find this one photo of us together taken circa 1965, this layout instead became about our Bluebird group of the Campfire Girls of America (similar to the girlscouts only non-sectarian) - of which my mother was, 'Group Leader'."