Made with the fun new kit by Marshmella Designs, Josephine.

The brown leghorn got antsy one day and she jumped all around the henhouse, in and out of every nesting box, checking things out. A short while later, there was a shiny new egg laid in one of the nesting boxes, but it was the tiniest thing I've ever seen. Only 1.5 inches long!! It was her first egg and she was such a nervous momma. When I collected it with the others, she went back in the box 3 times, looking for it, upset that I had taken it away. But I had to commemorate her huge accomplishment with a proper layout, you know Smile

The little brown leghorn
laid her first egg and
she was thrilled! She
was so proud of her tiny
egg and was distraught
when I took it away.
But I had to comme-
morate her accomp-
lishment of the tiniest
egg Iíve ever seen laid!!

Fonts: Acid Label, Abusive Pencil, HFF Light Petals

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