Created with The Lost At Sea Collab kit by The Gingerbread Ladies and

Ponytails Designs Splitsville Templates T3, as well as Ponytails Designs

Journaling: I really thought we had a chance to fool 

the pirates. I’d been both organizing 

and running fantasy and sci-fi conventions

for years. I had a fantastic costume. 

I was accustomed to bossing folks around, savvy? 


If only I could keep anyone else from giving us

away. I knew that all of my scrapbooking

friends were tough gals. 

We’d been through a lot in our lives. 


Now we were about to sashay our pirate

selves out there on deck and talk some mean

talk, maybe even bite an ear or kick some pirate

scurvy arse (fingers crossed). 


Armed with my sailor mouth, my inappropriately 

stilleto heeled boots and some paper scrapbooking

scissors I was off with my crew to 

retake the ship!