Journaling: "Dear Mr. or Ms. Portland Weatherman,
(Yes that refers to you Brian, Rhonda,
Matt, Nick, Andy - my fav, Sally, Mark,
Rod, Dave, & Joe)

First, I’d like to commend you on a winter well done - no snow (okay so the ski resorts complained bitterly) - warm temps well
above the norms. I loved that I could
actually go hiking in the middle of winter.

Spring was a mix and not nearly as
rainy as normal. I really can’t
complain much on that either.

But let’s talk about this summer in 3 letters H-O-T. I understand your job is not always very exciting unless you can report some extreme weather, (remember that little tornado that hit last year?) but I’m getting very tired of these extreme heat waves. My afternoons are spent inside wishing I could be doing something outside. Air
conditioning blasts me into putting on a sweatshirt while outside it swelters. I wanted to spend one last day at the zoo before my membership expired this year, but no - it was not going to happen at 97 degrees. Have you seen my air conditioning bill this year? Have you seen my water bill this year so that my grass and gardens stay alive? Summer is supposed to be the season of enjoying meals on the patio - well not at 100 degrees like yesterday. I’m tired of breaking records. Can we bring summer back down to normal temperatures. If I wanted extreme I’d have moved to Vegas or Phoenix! Perhaps if you can’t adjust the weather patterns for me, you can report extreme heat with a little less glee in your voice?

Thank you for listening ,   Tracey"

Credits - Okay so it's all by me, Clever Monkey Graphics....
How's the Weather - a collab with Val Wibbons
Summer Buzz
Kick'n It Soccer Style
and string bow from At the Playground