I decided to go with sending my message to Captain Jack Sparrow based on these pictues.  In July 2008, my father went with us to Disneyland for hte last time.  He had lost his eye sight due to Diabetes and couldn't walk very well, so Pirate Lair (island) was very hard for him.  He was sitting off by himself and we were exploring nearby and found Capt Jack.  Jack saw that my dad was off sitting by himself and made a point of going over to him, talking to him, and taking pictures.  My dad really perked up after that and actually explored the island with us - having a great time in the bone cage.  I feel that Jack saved the day that day.  

Seatrout Scraps - See Right Through Me Set 2 - older set, retired?

Blue Heart Scraps - Get Kraken 

Gingerscraps Gingerbread Ladies collab - Lost At Sea 

Note Reads:  Dear Captain Jack Sparrow, Once before you were able to assist us when my father, mother and son were captured and locked into a bone cage,  so we were hoping you could come to our aid once again.   Our ship has been overtaken by pirates of the most heinous kind. They do not abide by the Code at all!. We have disguised ourselves to blend in, but I don not know how long we will be able to hide amongst these cut- throats.  Besides our ship, they also have stolen quite a large treasure, which I was hoping would entice you into helping us. Please, use your special compass to locate our ship which now seems to be sailing towards Tortuga, and outwit this band of miscreants to save us!  If you do, the treasure will be all yours!!  Do we have an accord?                  Yours - Meagan