GingerBread Ladies Collab: Lost At Sea 
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Dear Michael,
I can honestly say I will never go on a cruise without you or a non Princess cruise ever again. Our ship has been taken over by pirates. Not even the Somali mercenary ones we hear about in the news every once in a while but actual "Arrrh, Me Hearties" pirates.  I have no idea if this is some sort of entire crew dinner theater type experience or is actually a  threat.  Having toured the backstage tour on one of our past cruises, I led a bunch of ladies to the theater department where we were able to wrangle up some pirate costumes.  So we have been able to lay low and blend in for these past three tumultuous nights. Thank goodness we have watched all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies as many times as we have. I have devised a plan to get us out of here. The other ladies have contacted their loved ones as well,  and hopefully one of our messages will reach the intended recipients.  I have found the key to where the ships alcohol is stored.  The key is in my possession and the pirates are quite cranky without their rum.  We should be headed towards Tortuga soon.  I will hand over the rum, and get the pirates so drunk that they will not notice that we are headed off course towards Tortuga instead. What I need for you to do is contact the port captain of Tortuga to meet us and reclaim the ship. I know you wish to do more, but because of your surgery, you need to take it easy.  You can arm chair quarterback this one. Love you and miss you. Kiss the kitties for me.  I also managed to grab one of their patches, it should help the authorities locate the perpurtrators.