credits: GingerBread Ladies Collab: Lost At Sea, A Pirate's Life by Boomersgirl Designs, Yo Ho Ho Page Kit by JB StudioE,Ocean World Bundle by Clever Monkey Graphics , Swim Like a Fish by Clever Monkey Graphics and Rain, Sun, Let's Have Fun Bundle by Clever Monkey Graphics & Blue Heart Scraps. I think I have them all. Whew!!


Journaling:  Wouldn’t you know it, my first ever cruise and I am cruising with all my friends from Gingerscraps and we have been over taken by pirates! PIRATES!! Really? You told me to watch out for pirates, but I thought you were crazy!
We have managed through the first couple nights by dressing like them. They have accepted us as one of their own, but I am not sure how long we can keep up this charade. Some of the ladies are already being
questioned! Stephanie, Shelly and I managed to dig
up some pretty convincing stuff from the trunk of
dress up stuff I brought in case of a Costume
event, thank goodness I brought that it may have
saved our lives!
I am hoping you get this letter and can come in
your new sailboat and save us, maybe bring Brian
and Dayton as I know they would be a
sight for the girls’ sore eyes. We are acting
brave but are really scared..
I love you, the kids and grand kids very much
and hope to see you soon!! I hope my cell
phone and our selfie make it ok, I tried to make
sure the bottle was air tight.
Love you, Missi