Scourge of the Seven Seas by Magical Scraps Galore

GingerBread Ladies Collab: Lost at Sea

Picture Perfect 73 by Aprilisa Designs

Journaling Reads:

Dear Terry, 

Our cruise ship as been overtaken by pirates and we are in desperate need of assistance.  We've managed to blend in with our would-be captors for the moment by dressing up and acting as pirates but I fear this will not last long!  Pirates, as it turns out, have really bad hygiene, so 'blending in' with them is becoming an issue.  We are not fond of oily grime and bad body odor, so please come to our rescue as soon as you can.  The conditions on this ship are becoming deplorable.  We take turns sneaking off to the showers and one of these days, the pirates are going to notice our cleanliness & get suspicious... and things will go bad very fast.  We are but humble scrapping women, bent on keeping our memories so that our kids have something to look back on when we are gone.  Please help us so that is not taken away from them!