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GingerBread Ladies Collab: Lost At Sea - Splatters

Sail Away - Elements by Cornelia Designs

Trouble Maker - Kit by Cornelia Designs - Cream Frame


Journalling reads:

To my rescuer

This is not a hoax, I need your help!!

Please contact my husband on the mobile below, give him the GPS Coordinates and read him this letter.

I will be forever grateful

My darling Geoffrey

Our boat has been boarded by pirates and we have now been taken aboard the Black Pearl.

Yes we have been kidnapped by Jack Sparrow himself……… not Johnny Depp you dufus but the real Capt’n Jack

Our scrapping cruise is in shambles, me and the ginger scrap girls were all kidnapped and locked in the gallows

Luckily it must be laundry week and all the pirates spare clothes were ready to be washed.

We have dressed up as pirates, we stink, phew do they even bathe!!

One of the girls has picked the lock and we are going to infiltrate those scurvy scum!!

Our plan is to lead them down to the galley one by one, knock them out and tie them up………wish us luck!!

You must hurry before any of these dastardly pirates discover the truth and lock us up or worse… Make us walk the plank!!

Hurry my love I know you can save us …..see you soon

I love you



GPS Coordinates

35.3080° S, 149.1245° 

Geoffreys Mobile