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Treasures! What is it that makes something treasured? I have many tactile items that I could consider treasures. How do you put a price on a quilt handmade by your grandmother? Or a favorite cookie jar given to you by your favorite grandmother? Family heirlooms, wedding rings passed down, those little snippets of hair from my kids first haircuts. Yes, they are all extremely treasured items and items I will try to preserve for my descendants. But my real treasures are my memories that I hold so very near and dear in my heart. I can look at a photo and those memories come flooding back. I can remember how it felt to hold my babies tight, how they smelled. I can hear their laughter and, yes, their arguments. I remember the excitement of going to the senior prom and how we dreamed about our future. I can see the mounds of packages under the Christmas tree and hear the ripping of paper as the packages were opened to see what new treasures were within. I can look at a photo and be transported back to a favorite destination enjoyed on our family trips. These are the treasures I hold so dear. For now, they are crystal clear. I’m sure as I age, they will become a little dimmer, but they will always be there. I have a treasured necklace given to my mother by my father when they were dating. He didn’t make much money and she didn’t believe the cross was made of real gold. To prove that it was, my father bit down on it and left a mark from his eyetooth. The necklace and story will be passed on to my daughter someday, but not until I’m ready to part with it.