1. Background Ray Pattern Paper, Communion cup / Bble cluster, bead spill (recolored), flowers, baby’s breath, leaves from Magial Scraps Galore's Blessed Kit
2. Brown flowers, heart chipboard cutout, arrow. doily, and paint splotches from JB Studio's Let it Go
3. Polka Dot Background Paper from Connie Price's Project 2015 August Mega Kit
4. Chevron Background Paper  and stitch from Inspired Designs Right Here Right Now
5. Stitched border (recolored) from GingerBread Ladies Collab Kit Summer Crush

Font: #Hashtag

Journaling: "How does one distill a blessed life lived down to some “things”, when really, to me, it is not about things; it’s about relationships.  To me, it’s about living our lives together in community and in thankfulness to God for the gifts in our lives.

I would have nothing without the faith I have in my Lord, and what He has done for me.  “Every Good and Perfect Gift is From Above.” (James 1:17), and I would be remiss to not acknowledge that everything I hold dear would not be here if not for the pure Grace of God. 

So, when you ask me what my treasure chest would contain, its contents are really not able to be constrained in that box. My treasure is, first and foremost, My Faith - something that no one can stop, no one can change, and no one can constrain. From this most precious gift of Faith in God, all other blessings flow. 

This faith is symbolized in this layout as a Communion Cup, for the avenue of Grace, support, and strength in my life is receiving our Lord’s Precious Body and Blood every Sunday at Mass. 

I have my husband because of the pure gift of God.  I have a child because of the pure gift of life FROM God. The family I have was chosen for me by God, and all that I have in my life are because of my faith in Him, and His faithfulness to me. 

Finally, to break free of all the emotion and seriousness just for a second...the “things” that would actually HAVE to go in my Treasure Chest would be an unlimited supply of Pepsi, my computer, camera, iPhone, and a solar  powered generator so that I would never be cut off from my joy of GingerScraps, email, Photoshop, Facebook, and access to my online friends. and family.