Falling In Love - GingerBread Ladies Collab

journaling: Built in 1905, the Muheim building housed the Brewery Saloon, the most popular libation hall in Bisbee. In 1914 the Federal Government enacted the “Noble Experiment” which banned all alcohol sales and terminated all liquor licenses in AZ. The brokerage firm of Duey and Overlook moved their office to the main floor. A stock board was installed in place of the disassembled bar. A ticker tape was sent from E.F. Hutton offices in Manhattan and the N.Y. Stock Exchange in AZ was born. When the doors reopened in the early 1980s, the building became a saloon again. The Stock Exchange Saloon still displays the stock board. John Wayne was a frequent visitor of the saloon in his heyday. The story is he got so drunk one night that he fell over the railing to the sidewalk below. Sir Paul McCartney was so taken by this sleepy little town that he makes bi-annual visits, usually arriving in a disguise.