Credits:Lost At See Collab: Gingerbread Ladies, A Pirate’s Life: BoomerGirls Designs, Beach Bum: Ponytails Designs and Lala Designs

Journaling:I walked away glad I wasn’t joining in on the thieving of the Pirate Captain’s booty I was deep in my own thoughts about the “booty” in my life. My family. Would I ever be returned to the safety of the arms of my supportive, understanding and loving husband? 

Would I ever again hug my own children, or share a coffee and a chat with them? Would I hear their laughter or wipe away their tears? Share in their successes and woes? 

Would I see my grandchildren again? Would I watch them grow or hear stories of their silliness or of their lessons learned? Would I ever be a proud Nana again? Or would I just be missed?

Would I ever look into  my father’s eyes, so like my own, or hear his laugh? Would I ever get to hold my sisters or my brother, or confide in them, or be their shoulder when they need one? 

Would I ever see my own treasures? These people that I love, the ones who are much more valuable to me than any pirate’s booty of golden doubloons…

 For my family is priceless!