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There are so many things that I treasure, the list is quite long. I wouldn’t be able to put them all in. These two objects are my special ones.

I waited 27 years for this. A dream come true and I am very lucky. How many people get to have a dream come true? My husband is the love of my life. He has been with me through the best of times, and through the worse times. When we got married after 27 years it was a closure to all we went through. He was always at my side.

When my son, who is now almost 30 years old, was nine he gave me this heart shaped keychain. The writing is in Hebrew. On one side it says ‘Mom’, and on the other side is a little love poem. This has gone with me everywhere. When we moved to our present house, it was put in one of those boxes that were for the special stuff.

I would put so much more in my treasure chest. I have my family. My four children, and my nine grand children. My two ‘baby’ dogs are also quite special to me.

My home is my spot. My life is a gift and I treasure everything in it.
But out of everything in my life, my husband is THE one.
My one & only, the love of my life. He is the reason I am here.
He made it all possible and he will be forever in my heart no
matter what where and how.