Quote - "There is more Treasure in Books than all the loot on Treasure Island" by Walt Disney brought my love to focus for me.  Photos are my home library, my first book that my dad bought me for our agreement and me reading with my first son in 2000.

Pixelily - Bookworm

Blue Heart Scraps - Get Kraken (*Took map journal card, cut out part, washed with Sepia, distressed, added wrinkles and erased parts, then blended with Wood plank paper)

Gingerscraps Gingerbread Ladies Collab - Lost At Sea

Gingerscraps Gingerbread Ladies Collab - Pages of Imagination

Gingerbread Ladies Collab-  Remember When (gear, feather)

Seatrout Scraps - Water's Edge (wheel, string, anchor, flowers, compass)

Just Because Studio's Leap of Faith Spatters

Seatrout Scraps - Simple Pleasures

Connie Prince's Adventure Time (watch, flowers)

Boomer's Girl Nighty Night (blue leaves)

Ponytails Noise with Dirt (brown wrinkle paper)

Magical Scraps Galore - Outdoor Adventure - compass (recolored)

Little Rad Trio's All About Mom silver alpha re-colored "treasure" "island"

Little Rad Trio's Studmuffin leather stitched alpha

Title Font - Started by a Mouse

Journaling Font - Antique

Journaling reads: 

When I was a little girl of 6, I told my father that I was only going to go to school until I learned to read and then I was quitting.  Thus, started my love of reading.  I stayed in school (of course) and found a love of  earning that has never gone away.  I still cherish every time that I can learn something new.  A deal that I made with my father was that he would pay for any book as long as I read it.  That became a larger deal than he first bargain for, but was the start of my love of   books.  The love of books and learning are a true treasure to me.