Credits: (I will come back and make the credits pretty after my company leaves. Smile ) GingerBread Ladies Collab: Lost At Sea A Pirate's Life by Boomersgirl Designs Dusk To Dawn - 12x12 Templates (CU Ok) by Connie Prince (edited to add 4th photo)


Treasures of Silver and Gold are wonderful things to have, but they aren’t the real treasures in life. A family is a true treasure to have, but what treasures would you leave for your family? What, besides the people in your life, do you treasure? I have a few treasures that are priceless to me. Treasures that I would leave for my family. I would chose to leave my flags from my father-in-laws funeral and our flag from my grandparents that only has 48 stars, what amazing pieces of history! I would leave my parents wedding album to show where we came from. I would also leave my grandsons foot molds so that he would not be forgotten and lastly I would leave my server that contains all my photos (Including old scanned photos from other family members. Afterall the photos tell the story of our history.