Oh Boy! - GingerBread Ladies Collab kit

7:00am My Daily Weigh-in. Ugh!!

7:05am Check email, FB, and get GS Daily Download

7:15am Apple Fritter and coffee for breakfast. I know it's not what I need to eat, but it was so good! My daily routine after breakfast is a little bit of brain exercise.

9:00am Trying to fit in our walk between the rain and the impending heat of the day, and maybe walk off that apple fritter!

11:00am I'm trying to get caught up on my reading. I'm so behind!

12:45pm Work on scrapbook pages for our Arizona trip this year.

4:45pm Yummy for my tummy! Snapping green beans for tomorrow's dinner. Green beans, new potatoes, salt pork, and cornbread. Mmm, good!

8:00pm Previously on Big Brother! Will Becky get her wish tonight to evict Vanessa? We'll find out shortly!

10:46pm Time for Fallon and bed.

Day is done, gone the sun, from the lake, from the hill, from the sky. All is well, safely rest, God is nigh. Say goodnight now.