Kit: Beach Bum - Collab by Leaving a Legacy Designs and Ponytails Designs
(Some items recolored)
Yellowish paper from Bad To The Bone by Leaving a Legacy Designs
Border freebie by ninigoesdigi
Fonts: Brannboll, A Day in September
Journaling: Lonnie and Marlene gave us a bunch of peppers from their garden. I wasn't exactly sure what to do with them, since I knew we couldn't eat them all before they went bad, so I asked my friends, Tammy and Kim. They gave me some ideas  -- make jelly, pickle them, make popper dip. I went with the easiest: I pickled them. And I absolutely love them! So far I've eaten them with my Le Peep's take-out -- the Mini Greek Goddess omelet, and on stuffed green peppers we had for dinner last night. I've even eaten a few right out of the jar. Out of all the little food concoctions I've made over the past few months, this is my favorite! (July 13, 2015)