Kit is Everyday Hero by Leaving a Legacy Designs


Feburary 23, 2009

God has been putting on my heart for some time now that I need to let go and surrender all to him. I have seen and heard over the past few years the phrase "Let Go and Let God". I was very closed to what this may have been for quite some time. Thanks to BSF and a lot of prayer I have come to realize the strong holds in my life and this song has really helped me let go and let God be in control. It is a scary, scary place to be but comforting knowing God is going to catch me when and if I fall. He isn't going to give me more than I can handle. God is doing big things in my life and it is very exciting.  I have shed many tears over my stubbornness and unwillingness to listen to God. Fear, fear and more fear have gripped my heart in a few areas of my life, but I am letting God take over. It has been amazing to watch his provision over the past few weeks. He has opened so many doors to reassure me that the path he is taking me is the one he intended for me and my family. Now instead of praying to God to reveal his plan to Larry and for Larry to tell me, I can happily pray for God to reveal his awesome plan to me and Larry together. God is amazing!!!

December 26, 2009

I had come to realize through BSF and prayer that I had not turned over my family to God. Out of fear, I had made up my mind we were done with kids and not having anymore. I suffered horribly with postpartum depression and then later found out I have very mild Bipolar disorder. My marriage suffered, my friendships suffered, my life suffered but that was because I was in control and not God. When God started working on my heart I wasn't sure if he was leading us to adoption or having more kids. I did know that I was scared to think of doing it again but God has shown me that he is in control of it all. If I fall he is going to catch me. It may not be the exact path I have planned for me but it is God's path for my family. I still have my days of fear and I lose sight of God but he is always there when I turn to him. I am excited about the journey he is leading us on as a family.  It is funny but when I do start to lose sight of God's plan someone or something always points me back with the phrase "Let Go and Let God". It is fun to see God is all the fine details of life.

August 25 2015

Six years have passed since I wrote the previous notes and the struggle was real and how blessed I have been to have sweet Caden in our lives.  I am reminded daily by him to Let Go and Let God be in control.  God has my back.  He has given me a complete family and an amazing marriage.  As we hit new struggles I know to rely on God and not worry about the what ifs anymore.  Do I worry, do I fall back on my self, sure but God always picks me back up.