Kit: STUDY BUDDIES by Blue Heart Scraps and Whimpychompers
Owl (recolored) from SHE DARED by Wendy Tunison
Fonts: Treehouse, RM Typerighter
Journaling: Ollie loves to chew on the crab apples and the branches from the trees in our back yard. Crab apples aren’t poisonous, but the leaves, stems, and pits are, so we’re constantly pulling them out of his mouth, even the ones that aren’t from the crab apple tree, just to be safe. It means he can’t be left alone for any length of time. He seemed so proud when he found this branch, and happily chewed on it for the few seconds it took me to take the picture. What happened next didn’t make the cutest puppy very happy -- it had to be tossed over the fence out of his reach. (Sept. 6, 2015)