5 Favorite Things About My K through 12 School Years
1. Learning CURSIVE writing (which many schools no longer teach.)
2. Using the CARD CATALOG in the library (phased out in the 1980’s after nearly 100 years of use.)
3. Mr. Tata (TA Squared), who “picked” on me in  10th grade geometry class (I was a 9th grader), because he and I had the same sense of humor.
4. Seeing my father in the auditorium when I was inducted into the National Honor Society.
5. Playing Eliza Doolittle in a scene from “Pygmalion” with the school star, Ron Steelman, playing Professor Higgins. He “went up” on his lines and I was able to ad lib along with him  (in a Cockney accent, no less) until he got back on script.  

My 8-12th grade school, Eastmoor High School is now called Eastmoor Academy
Main Hall at EHS
Our senior home room was in the auditorium where we assembled to begin a tour of the building during our 50th reunion.
I sold play tickets from this area.
I miss card catalogs (see #2 above)
Our 50th HS reunion! 7/17/14

CREDITS: KITS: Study Buddies by Blue Heart Scraps & Wimpychompers, I Love School by Wimpychompers, and ALS Ice Bucket Charity Mini by Keystone Scraps (GS); FONT: Lucida Handwriting