1. As soon as I sat down or laid down, if it was at all possible, you snuggled your chin into my neck. It’s what I miss most about you, especially when sleeping at night.
2. The way you twitched your whiskers when you disagreed with something.
3. The way you protected my food and everything else and got special rewards for it.
4. Your name and how much you liked it. Petunia, Miss P, my sweet flower petal.
5. The way you took charge and kept everyone else in line.
6. Your dainty, faint snores at night.
7. The way you easily and non-chalantly communicated with me.
8. How you took me under your wing and taught me so much about animal communication.
9. The back massages when you’d walk across my back!!
10. The goofy way you’d move your eyes and how it reminded me of a ferret.
11. The way you tried to comfort me when I lost you from this world.
12. The way you still look out for me as my angel.

I love you and I miss you, dear one.

Kit: Most of the items came from Marshmella Designs What's Bugging You Bundle. The 12 Alpha and the ribbons came from Erica Zane's Perfect Moments.