Kit: Fashioniste - Connie Prince
Stitching - Baby of Mine - Boomer's Girl Designs
Font: Cinnamon Cake

Meet Belle and McKenna. Belle is the one with the long hair. Grandpa and Grandma gave me McKenna for Christmas. A couple months later we went shopping at Nancy's Notions so I could pick out some shoes or outfits for her. Grandma told me how much money I could spend and I asked to get Belle instead of any clothes. (But I am really spoiled and Grandma bought me some shoes anyway!) I didn't really need to buy any outfits because Grandma and I made a whole wardrobe for them. I love dressing the girls and taking their picture. i know they need a sister though so I am working around Grandma and Grandpa's house and saving my money to buy the American Girl Sage. I have to do a lot of work this summer because she is this years special doll and I only have until the end of December to buy her!
~ April 4, 2013