See En la plaza FULL for the complete credits. Below follows the complete text of the Back Story:

About a year after I moved home to Texas, I took a drawing class through a continuing ed program, never thinking that I would enjoy it as much as I did. I bought the recommended book and went to every class faithfully. It was easy to go to the classes since the instructor gave clear instructions and lots of positive feedback. He was also funny. Unfortunately, I had to quit when I got pregnant and had issues with placenta praevia. Once my son was born, I had no time for art classes. LoL! Years later, I wanted to pick up my drawing again, but I could not find my wonderful book anywhere, so I let it go once again. Thirty years later, I found my old drawings and decided to scan them. I was amazed by how good they looked after being scanned! Gmae made a layout for me from the bird drawings, and I've used several sketches to put this 2-pager together. It's so much fun playing with my own work, plus I'm getting better at using Adobe's brush and pencil tools, making layer masks, and using layers instead of erasing, which I've learned is a very destructive method of designing. Am I sketching again? Not yet, but I hope to dust off my old drawing pad soon!

NOTE: You can also read the Back Story located on this half of my 2-pager simply by enlarging this page with the Zoom tool located under Google's menu bar in the upper right-hand corner. Click once on the 3 lines and choose Zoom located halfway down the menu. The minus sign reduces the size of the page down to 25%, and the plus sign enlarges the page up to 500%, though I find text mostly unreadable from 300% and above.