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ďChristmas 2010 will go down in history as one of the best of all time for surprises. Just like every year in the past, the kids are not allowed to ask for anything. A gift is not a gift if itís on a list. Thatís our philosophy and weíre sticking to it. Santa has done a darn good job over the years and this year he came through again but this time in a BIG way. It was heard that all BriAnna really wanted was a big jumbo bag of M&Mís and that is exactly what she got. Jaiden didnít even consider he might get the Paper Jamz guitar and Makynlee was excited to get the new Fashion Fairy Tale Barbie. Tessa got some fun new Rapunzel toys. Makynlee was pretty sure Santa would bring her a puppy but she understood when he wrote her a letter and said that winter time is a bad time to get puppies and that mom just isnít ready for one. Santa was so good to us this year and the two big suprises knocked everyoneís socks off! Itís tough to surprise teenagers and this year was the best because they were totally caught off guard. It was AWESOME!Ē