Kit: Dream On Dreamer by Blue Heart Scraps
Template: Pixie Plate 316 (challenge freebie) by Neverland Scraps
Font #1: Rundkursiv
Font #2: Restaurant

Journaling: Returning home after my wedding, I spoke with my son about the event. "What did you like or not like," I wanted to know. After giving it a little thought he informed me that he was a little disappointed that I didn't write my own vows. He thought that Scott deserved that, and he was right. On the other hand, Scott and I discussed it and decided to go with traditional vows instead. David told me he loved our choice of attire for the wedding and the BBQ afterward. The decorations were very pretty and the side yard at his sister's home was the perfect venue. He enjoyed seeing the family of deer who stood a short distance away and silently watched the festivities. But, if he had to choose just one thing that he enjoyed the most, it would have to be spending the afternoon sitting at a table visiting with his three aunts. This made my heart sing. My boy usually avoids any kind of family gathering. He is not comfortable with his own kin. When he was a little boy someone convinced him that his family didn't like him, let alone love him. Such a cruel and vicious lie, but it took root and has shadowed his familial relationships ever since. How I loved hearing him talk about how special it was to spend time with his aunties! This could be the dawn of a new chapter in our lives in more ways than one.