Neverland Scraps, Pixie Plate 316
Little Rad Trio, Studmuffin (full kit); Me, Myself and I (white burst)
Amy Stoffel, Beautiful Mess (orange bubble wrap stamp)
Fonts - Brush Script Std (title), Verdana (text, date)
Text information from Wikipedia (with minor editing by me)
The photos were taken by my son Anthony and are his exclusive property.

NOTE: I didn't know that these owls had taken up residence in our backyard palm trees.
My son and DGD were the ones who noticed the owls first, and they took the photos.
As a nature lover, they knew I'd be interested, so they sent me copies, which I scanned for this layout.
I hope to see the owls in person when I visit this fall.
By the way, these owls are nocturnal and sleep most of the day.
My son has actually been able to touch one of them as it slept. Smile