2011 was the year my niece (and goddaughter) Rina was with us on Christmas morning. She was 16 and had asked me fir a Christmas morning “like Grams used to make” it was a tall order  because my Mom was a stickler for so many  Christmas details and she had so many things that were “always” part of the ‘presents on Christmas morning’ traditions. 


Journaling - Rina wanted a Christmas morning “like it was when Grams was here.” It was the seemingly little things that did it for her. Mini muffins and scones were essential, but arranged on a tray with a flower in the middle is what made it “ Christmas like Grams.”  It didn't matter which fruits, bite-size and on a skewer, kebab-style, held the memory. She bragged to Tori later, and got the “jealous” response, about stocking gifts of tic-tacs and chapstick, wrapped like Grams did, and a candy cane shaped pen. It wasn't the huge pageantry of Christmas morning when they were younger, but the little details that gave her the memories of her grandmother and the warm feelings of her “traditional Christmas.”



Credit: Hot Cocoa by JB Studio