credits:  A Bygone Era by Aimee Harrison Designs


Today is March 1st and it starts a month of bittersweet emotions for our family. 

 This month we will celebrate on the 12th the birth of our granddaughter Nessa.  It is a big one, she will be 10!  She has always been a bright light in our life.

We will also celebrate the third birthday (and death day) of our grandson Ares.  He was born March 17, 2014 to my son Aaron and daughter-in-love Stephanie, but he was way too early to  survive.  We never saw him and only have his ultrasound pictures to remember him by, but he  was very real and he is very missed. 

 On March 19th we will celebrate the 15th birthday of our eldest grandchild, our granddaughter Kai-Lynn.  Since she lives in CA we won’t be able to be with her, but we will try to Skype with her on her special day.  Hard to believe she is in high school and almost sweet 16!  Where has the time gone?

 A few days later we will celebrate the 3rd birthday (and death) of our grandson Matthew.  Our daughter Tabatha started having pain so she headed to the hospital.  Matthew had a nice steady heartbeat before they left the house, but her water broke on the way to the hospital and Matthew was delivered stillborn on March 26th.  They had his funeral a few days later. 

 On March 26th we will also celebrate the 2nd birthday (and death) of our grandson Charlie.  Charlie had some medical issues and after he was born he only lived 8 hours and 41 minutes.  That was really much, longer than we expected, but much shorter than we had prayed for. He was a beautiful boy and knew nothing but love and comfort during his short life.

 Finally, on March 30th we will celebrate the 10th birthday of our oldest grandson Deyonte.  We had only had Deyonte in our family a couple years as our son Patrick married his momma Hannah, but man did we love that boy with a passion.  He was so sweet, kind and always smiling!  Sadly we lost Deyonte 21 months ago in a swimming accident.

 March is hard, but we will survive again this year and concentrate on the birthdays of the beautiful girls and celebrate the short  lives of our  wonderful boys until one day when we will hold them all again!