Every Easter the local newspaper runs a digital egg hunt. Ten eggs are digitally "hidden" around town and a clue is given daily to each egg's location. Small prizes are awarded after the hunt. Each year my sister and I visit the locations. It has been a WONDERFUL way to learn about and experience the interesting/historical sites in the city where we grew up. This is Riddle #5 from 2009.
Riddle 5
Ohio built a weapons cache
And used it in a Blue-Gray clash.
Now, where soldiers stored their shot,
Painters paint and potters pot.
Find the egg within this gem,
Not far from a tasty M.
ANSWER:  The Columbus Cultural Arts Center, built in 1861 as an arsenal used during the Civil War. Now the site of art classes and exhibits next door to the swanky "M" restaurant.
CREDITS: KITS: Historic USA Civil War by Little Rad Trio; Artsy by Kristin Aagard; FONT: Beautiful Mess