Kit: Love Learning by Word Art World
Leaves from The Great Outdoors by Word Art World
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Fonts: Sofia, Traveling Typewriter
Journaling:  When Miss Amy heard my cry over Brooklyn not liking school, she went to work creating a Pinterest board with craft ideas. The goal was to find art that interested Brookie which could be done during the day while I’m at work. The first board she started had paper crafts which I thought were awesome, but they didn’t really interest Brookie. So Amy graciously went back to the drawing board and came up with clay crafts. Brooklyn, already being a master clay sculptor, was excited and went to work. Judging by all her creations, I’d say it was a hit. In order to make her pieces look more realistic, Brooklyn uses chalk or eye shadow to either recolor the clay completely or simply to shade it, which creates shadow or lighting effects. All in one sitting she made a banana with the peel pulled back, a chocolate chip cookie sandwich (shaded with eye shadow to make it look baked), two ice creams on a stick (she broke toothpicks for the sticks), one with two bites taken out, a cat, a pancake with two squares of butter, two scoops of ice cream, one chocolate swirl and the other cookie dough, and a tart with fruit and whipped topping.