GDs thru the years in their Christmas PJs.

Journaling reads:  Gramma always likes to buy the Christmas PJs.  It was easy when the girls were young as the 4 years age difference didn't seem to bother them.  It was still fun to dress them alike.  In 2005, Katie was 5 years old and Caroline was 1.  As the years progressed until 2010, they still looked like cute little sisters.  Then, 2 years later, it started to change, kept the same color; however, style and pattern were quite different.  By 2015, they had their own ideas on what was good for Christmas.  Then, in 2016, it slighly revolved backwards as Caroline wanted the same type of pants that Katie had chosen.  Wonder what will happen in 2017 when I take them shopping.

Crafty Christmas collab kit by GingerScraps designers.

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