Family = Strength

Used the following combinations:
Two alphas in the title
3 patterned papers
Two fonts in the journaling (typical typewriter and Pea Debbie)

Kit: Poppies by Jeanine DeOre
Second alpha: After Dinner alpha by Dancing Princess Designs
Every family leaves a legacy. When I started looking at my family history, wondering what it was that defined us, I see example after example of a group of people who maintain their senses in difficult times, who plan ahead, who are resourceful and resilient. The bad times hit us, but they don’t keep us down. We have a quiet and subtle strength. We love each other and know that we can count on each other. We are understanding, and we don’t waste time being petty and judgemental. We don’t all drive a Lexus, but we are rich in so many more important ways!