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Journaling: Always seeking adventure, Addi begged her parents to rent a SUP. She cruised around with her big brother, then asked to go out on her own. The lake was calm, so Lindsay, proud of Addi's determination, didn't resist. Addi paddled just far enough to be out of reach when she started to struggle. Lindsay's heart skipped a beat as she turned to John Thomas. "She's too far, she isn't going to clear the docks! She"s going to panic! She needs our help! Should we go out there quick before she freaks?" Calmly he replied, "Just give her a minute." They watched as her little body hunched over, and then the bulky paddle was digging harder and deeper into the water. Suddenly, with a swell of strength, Addi turned the board sharply and headed back their way. With a sigh of relief, Lindsay realized that she had learned an important lesson that day. Raising strong daughters takes courage; courage to give them space; courage to give them time; courage to let them struggle because it is in the struggle that they grow strong. A mama must be brave.