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While shopping at the Plaza in Kansas City on Thanksgiving, Randy convinced me to check out a home décor store. I originally didn’t want to go in, but so glad he nudged me. As I was checking out the wares – much of it from the Magnolia brand that’s featured on the HGTV show called “Fixer Upper” – I immediately thought of my SIL. I knew she was looking for artwork for her kitchen, and one particular piece caught my eye. At that moment, I received a text from her that showed a canvas with the exact word in the exact font. I had Randy pose by the artwork. We had to laugh at the coincidence. She said “it’s almost like you know me.” Ha! When we told my SIL that we would bring it to her as a gift, she texted back that my nephew had been watching her on her phone, and he commented that her face lit up like a Christmas tree when she learned we’d be bringing it to her. Awww. Made me smile! I felt like we were channeling Mom at that moment. November 2017