Saying good-bye.  

Song lyrics is from Somebody's Always Saying Goodbye by Anne Murray.  

"somebody stands there with tears in their eyes"

"Somebody's always sayin' goodbye"

"Someone's leavin' and someone's left behind"


Journaling:  Why is Lillian crying so hard?:


1.  Is it because Grandmommy and Granddaddy are getting ready to leave.

2.  Is it because they just found out their plane is delayed.  

3.  Or is it just because it is naptime for Lily.  


Doesn’t matter tears still are so sad.  


Well here we are at the airport

  in Bangkok and getting ready to head through security.  

We got our last hugs

and took our last family picture.

  It doesn’t make it any easier to walk away as Lily cries her eyes out.  


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