Quiet Places

There are 3 photos in this montage – the lake photo on the mask, the two paths that lead there on the foreground, and the picture from which the large tree at left is extracted.

The octagons are placed like stepping stones on the left path, leading the eye down the path I took that day.  You may have to look really hard, but they are there.

Kit:  Infinity by KakleiDesigns – paper 2 on background, paper 25 fills grunge layer, flowers & foliage at base of tree, mask on lake photo

Font:  Australian Script

Journaling is my own “poetry”

Frost counseled take the road less traveled, I hearkened to his plea.

I wandered down the leftward track ‘til the lake there did I see.

A wondrous place of beautiful peace, peace that mends the soul,

A place to lift the saddened heart, God’s gift to make it whole.

Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky, November 2006