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Journaling:  I have had many adventures in life, but you are the “greatest” adventure. (At least the most challenging one!) You were the fifth child to enter our family and you entered with a bang! Less than 24 hours after you were born you stopped breathing.  I called the nurses and tried everything I knew to get you breathing again. By the time the nurses came, you were fine and they didn’t even note the situation in your chart as they assumed I was being over dramatic. Then two weeks later you stopped breathing again. The pediatrician ran tests and determined you were suffering from reflux and put you on medication and strict instructions as to when you could lay down. Life with you became more exciting at 6 months old when you developed RSV. How scary that was. A year later you were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and that changed all our lives, some for the better and some for the worse, but we refused to let  it control you. Following the Type 1 diagnosis can the diagnosis of ITP (Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura), graves disease and PCOS. you are a medical mess, but we still wouldn’t let that stop you! We set out to make you as independent as possible. Despite the medical issues, you had a wonderful childhood.  You played sports, you were a Girl Scout, you played the clarinet, attended church functions and even went away for camps and trips. In 2015 you graduated high school and decided to go over 800 miles away from home.  We were worried, but you weren’t, you were ready!  One semester of college you even spent in Uruguay, over 5,000 miles from home! As we near your college graduation, I know you have big plans.     You have done 4 years of college in 3 years  and haven’t let any of your medical conditions get in your way!  You will do a great job “adulting”  I just know it! Of all my adventures in life,  you my dear Rachel have been my greatest, most challenging adventure and I am extremely proud of you! Love, Mom