It was a warm night and the house was getting rather hot. I thought I would turn on the air when I went to bed for the night so we could sleep well and turn it off in the morning when Greg got up. He got hot sooner than I did and went to turn the air on. After a couple minutes of it running I smelled something different and asked him if he did too. Yes he did. He thought it was a sweet smell (maybe that’s the firefighter in him!) We looked around and couldn’t find anything so went back to what we were doing. A few minutes later we heard a boom outside. That got our attention. As we got up to check again, the house started filling with smoke. I turned the air off, he went outside to check and I called 911. (I couldn’t remember my address for love or money! Kept giving my in-laws address 2 doors away!) The air conditioner blew up and started on fire. Yes there were active flames. We had a last minute party the hard way! 2 sheriff deputies, an ambulance with crew, 2 fire trucks with crew and the fire chief. Along with half the neighbors who heard the explosion. They thought a transformer blew up.  Our neighbors are wonderful though and several offered to let us stay with them for the night. Or let us use extra fans if we wanted them. Besides having great neighbors, wonderful firefighters and sheriff deputies, the good thing about this last minute party is that the fire was restricted to the air conditioning unit. Nothing went into the duct work, no damage to the house, and no injuries were involved.The firefighters had a great fan set up in the house to clear the smoke. I decided they should let us keep it! (any woman who ever had a hotflash would agree with me!!!)

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