Journaling reads:  The original long trail of US 66 goes from Illinois to California.  You can still travel parts of the road.  There are many interesting things to see along the way.  One of these is not far from where the road begins in Chicago, it is a quaint town in Atlanta, Illinois.  There, you will find a large Paul "Bunyon" statue.  And yes, the name is spelled correctly as it advertised "Bunyon's" Hot Dog stand in Cicero, Illinois for almost 40 years.  After closing in 2002, it gained a home in Atlanta.  At 5'1", it was always said that I was "knee high to a grasshopper".  I guess this proves it.

Birds Are Singing collab kit by GingerScraps designers and word art by Clever Monkey Scraps also of GS.

Fonts are Andy and FlashbackVersion3.